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J-1 Internship Program

What is J-1 Internship Program?


​The J-1 Internship program is a category under the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program designed for participants to explore the U.S. cultural while gaining practical hands-on training in U.S. business practices in their chosen occupational field. Intern and Trainee Programs are available to students and young professionals from countries outside of the U.S. This program is a great opportunity for participants to learn about the U.S. culture as well as advance their careers abroad.

Featured Services

  • We carefully consider the applicant’s qualifications (major, related strengths and skills) to specifically match each participant with a suitable host organization

  • Our staff is thorough and meticulous when interviewing our applicants via Skype, to ensure that their English level is proficient

  • We offer on-going care service and support for our applicants throughout the J-1 program. (U.S. Arrival Orientation, 24/7 In-Country Support, California Housing Assistance, etc.)

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